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Rusted Mule


Tractor Art Print for Sale

What do you do if you want to see the beauty of the clear fresh outdoors but you don't want to suffer that long trip away from the comfort of suburbia? Todd adds another wonderful answer to that dilemma. Imagine having gorgeous depictions of rustic landscape pictures on display throughout your home. Todd features beautiful tractor art prints, dirt roads, lush landscape covered with large wild trees thriving in the great outdoors. Bring some art home today to relieve that longing to visit the scenery that is so out of reach from the city life.

The inspiring farmhouse art of "Rusted Mule" is a memory's release to the days of old. Simpler times were those when Daddy was on the tractor plowing all day while the children played in the dirt and Momma hung the clothes to dry. All thanks to "Rusted Mule" the kids would be fed and the bills would be paid. Although he is old and grey his usefulness abounds today for the many memories that come plowing back. The "Rusted Mule" has had many miles on his worn tires and has blown many a smoke out his pipe. To care for the farmer that rode him, nobody ever worked harder. From dust till dawn the mule would ride until the rust took over his hide. So now he is a reminder of the good old days of God, work and family.

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